Republicans’ criticism of progress never stops

Remember President Bill Clinton? He gave us budget surpluses. We had surpluses “as far as the eye could see.”

Then George Bush came along. President Bush gave us tax cuts for the wealthy. Poof! The budget surplus was gone. Then just to make sure, Bush gave us more tax cuts for the wealthy. Then he gave us an unnecessary war in Iraq to find Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, which didn’t exist. Then he gave us a war in Afghanistan. All of this was on the national credit card, and added trillions to the national debt. I’m so glad President Obama is ending those wars. And I’m glad Osama bin Laden is gone!

Then we had the Great Recession. The Great Depression in the 1930s was cured with government spending and the Republicans criticize President Obama for doing the same thing to try to end the Great Recession.

Now that our finances were in horrible shape, the Republicans started saying that we didn’t have a revenue problem; we had a spending problem. Time to look in a different direction, right?

Now the Republicans radicals want to eliminate or cut unemployment benefits, food stamps, Social Security, and Medicare. All of the things that Republicans don’t need.

Now we have imaginary scandals. There’s John McCain on TV saying, “I’m very concerned.” Of course there’s no proof of any wrongdoing, so Republicans quietly drop the subject.

Then we have a manufactured crisis, and another, and another. Republicans say these crises can be cured by cutting the things the Republicans want to cut.

Then we had Mitt Romney’s health care plan in Massachusetts. Then President Obama gave us the same thing on the national level. Of course, this is criticized now.

Then we have government shutdowns and default threats. This does nothing for our country, but the Congressional Republicans don’t seem to care about the country. Of course, they blame the Democrats for all of this.

Republican criticism never stops.

Roger L Tschappatt