Thanks for Help With River Relay Event

Editor, News-Register:

On Sunday, Sept. 15, the Great Ohio River Relay Baton Reception Rally was held in Garden Park in Warwood. The Wheeling Water Warriors would like to publicly thank the following people for helping with this event.

First of all, thank you to Tim Birch, who graciously made Garden Park available to us. Thank you to our speakers: The Rev. Monica Beasley Martin (Defenders of the Earth Outreach Mission), Dr. Ben Stout (Wheeling Jesuit University), Dr. Yuri Gorby (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Mr. Doug Shields (former Pittsburgh City Council member who helped to ban fracking in the city of Pittsburgh) and Mrs. Gloria Delbrugge (Wheeling City Council, First Ward).

Thank you to local artist Orion Stephen, for handcrafting and donating the baton to be used in the Relay.

Thank you to KR-3 for providing us with such great music. Thank you to the relayers from Day 1 and Day 2 of the Relay, who transported the baton from Pittsburgh to Powhatan Point. Relayers included walkers Penni Patches Pixie Lane, Madison Schiebel, Lisa DeSantis (Marcellus Outreach of Butler), Elise Smith, Pam Ewusiak and Robin Mahonen (Wheeling Water Warriors). Bikers included John Detwiller, Mel Packer and Michael Badges-Canning (Marcellus Protest); and Jason Bell of Tour de Frack. Roller skater Libby Horacek and kayakers Chad Dorn and Maggie Messitt (Wheeling Water Warriors) also participated.

Thanks also go to Erin Bowers, Kate Marshall, Pat Jacobson, Ed Mahonen; Mark Eddy, Jon Smuck and Vivian Stockman (Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition); Angie Rosser (West Virginia Rivers Coalition); Duane Nichols (FrackCheckWV) and everyone who attended the event.

Robert C. Heyer