Thanks for Helping With NAMI Event

Editor, News-Register:

NAMI of Greater Wheeling held their Rummage and Bake Sale in September. We want to thank the First Christian Church for their kindness. Also, so many people donated so many beautiful items including a collection of Precious Moments, and some beautiful dolls. Items were donated from people too numerous to mention.

I hardly knew so many of the people who came to set up and help in every way they could.

And then we have the shoppers, and many come back every year. That makes this sale a huge success.

Also, Mental Illness Awareness Week is recognized in October each year. St. Michael’s Church will hold a Candlelight Vigil Oct. 14, for the mentally ill. We thank the peoplewho plan and share in this event. There are so many generous and kind people that help to cope with pain and sorrows, until there is a cure.

It is impossible for me to explain my appreciation to all the wonderful, kind, people.

Thank you a million times over.

God bless you all.

Dot McCloskey