Facts are stubborn things, Mr. President

The mainstream media say Republicans are doing poorly in the polls for trying to delay Obamacare and negotiate for less debt. Some people blame the Tea Party for speaking up about Obamacare and the spending problem.

Congressional Republicans entered the fight knowing they would get thrashed by the media while Obama and Senate Majority Leader Reid beat them to a pulp. The Tea Party warned of obvious problems with Obamacare and huge debts.

“Facts are stubborn things,” said John Adams in 1770. The fact is: the Obamacare exchange website is a disaster and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. So far 1.5 million people have lost their health care insurance.

Who did Obama threaten while not negotiating on Obamacare and debt?

He threatened retirees, military families, military death benefits, Social Security, disability, retired federal workers and more. Obama’s disgraceful tantrum dictated that he deny the Greatest Generation access to their memorial.

Who didn’t Obama threaten?

He didn’t threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens or take Internet access away from violent inmates. He didn’t fire unnecessary federal employees or cut back on his family’s vacations – so far costing $20 million.

He didn’t cut his golf budget, farm subsidies or green funding. He didn’t threaten to reduce benefits to welfare recipients, stop taxpayer-paid cellphone use or cut any of the duplicitous food stamp programs. Nor did he reduce foreign aid, contributions to the U.N. or reduce anything that involved his voter base.

Basically, if he couldn’t hurt his perceived enemies, he didn’t want to cut anything. How is it extreme to warn of the obvious Obamacare disaster and the verifiable $17 trillion debt?

Bob Connors