Get Schools Focused On Teaching Children

Editor, News-Register:

The schools of America have fallen behind other countries. Our government has decided that they are best capable of fixing this. Under their leadership, our children now read at a third grade level. They do not understand basic math. They rely on computers or calculators.

Our teachers have to spend their time teaching the students who to take a standardized test that decides how well the school is doing. Time is allotted so they can teach “safe” premarital relations to the grade school children.

Our schools have gotten so far away from what needs to be taught. Government needs to step out and allow the teachers to teach the students what they need.

Do you think that it is a coincidence that when we pushed God out of the schools, guns came in? But the guns are not the problem, it is much deeper than that.

Our schools need a new focus so our children can compete with those in other countries.

Larry Manning