GOP a Reactionary, Obstructionist Party

Editor, News-Register:

I am quite curious of late as to what the Republican Party, particularly on the national level, espouses and on whose behalf do they now primarily advocate?

The Republican Party has long adopted a “pro-business” mantra, which they have greatly contradicted recently with their willingness to take our nation to the very edge of the proverbial cliff, when threatening to essentially refuse to pay bills which they, themselves, were greatly instrumental in incurring, unless Democrats agreed to capitulate, again, to their far from reasonable demands, thus placing our, as well as the world’s economy, in great peril.

Thankfully, the aforementioned financial catastrophe has been temporarily averted, at least until Feb. 7, 2014, when the debt ceiling of our great nation will be again subject to further extension.

Ironically, Republicans failed to voice similar objections when the country’s debt ceiling was often times and routinely raised, including 17 times under the iconic Republican/conservative president, Ronald Reagan, during Republican administrations. By all indications, the business community is less than pleased, to say the least, with congressional Republicans, whom they have provided extensive financial support over the years.

Essentially, the law known as the Affordable Care Act had long been advocated by Republican conservatives, being proposed approximately two decades ago by the conservative “think tank,” the Heritage Foundation, successfully implemented in Massachusetts by then Republican Governor Mitt Romney and advocated by Republican presidents, dating back to Richard Nixon. However, now that the Affordable Care Act has become the law of the land, through the advocacy of a Democratic president, Barack Obama, and his Democratic congressional allies, the plan they once overwhelmingly had supported is now their primary target of opposition, derision, demagoguery, when essentially all that has changed is that it was Democratic leadership, not Republican, that finally succeeded in making this largely bipartisan initiative the law of the land, and for that reason their concerted efforts have been placed in making it as difficult as possible for the act to succeed.

Republicans have regressed to a reactionary, obstructionist party, whose primary goal is to work to ensure that Democratic initiatives will be made significantly more difficult to succeed and more likely to fail.

Do we, as a nation, not deserve better?

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry