Government in Need Of Professional Help

Editor, News-Register:

When my siblings and I fought over a toy, often the parental solution was simply to first remove the toy. When the reality of the removal of the toy set in, we quickly stopped our fighting and began sharing by giving up individual claims of toy ownership and use. We soon learned that often the toy best served the other sibling and ultimately was best for the common good of all the siblings. Sibling comprehension was inadequate for solution solving and parental comprehension with intervention and insight provided the best solution for all. After all, boys often don’t play with dolls and big brother’s bike didn’t have training wheels!

A similar parental role intervention is needed with our government. It is very obvious that our administration and congressional representatives in Washington, D.C., are not the financial wizards needed to make budget decisions and as well other critical decisions. This government has not put together a budget for some time, nor can they decide on appropriate spending limits, creating a disastrous national financial situation. They have overstepped into citizens’ private lives and rights with issues like mandating health insurance and can’t even get enrollment procedures functioning correctly. They have thrown our tax dollars at failing private sectors with little or no real short-term or long-term effect. The time has come when issues beyond their capabilities and control need to be turned over to consultant experts with better comprehension of the issues and who can address these issues without party affiliation baggage.

Within this country there are brilliant people with the necessary education, background experience, specific expertise and capabilities needed to fully comprehend and address any of this country’s critical issues. Certainly if called upon, for this country and the common good of all, they would step forward and join together as a “task force” of consultants to address and solve specific issue problems relative to their area of expertise. Given today’s technology and communication advantages, there are unlimited consultant resources that can be tapped for finding solutions and presenting their findings to our

government for implementation or

regulation. This shift of responsibilities should be reflected in our administration and congressional representatives’ compensation and as well those of consultants.

“Two heads are better than one even if one of them is a politician.”

Gary Stuntz