Nothing Gets Done If Reid Won’t Talk

Editor, News-Register:

A lot of people have been blaming the Republicans because nothing gets done in Washington. Keep in mind, we elect members of the House and Senate to represent us the American people.

The members of the House have sent bill after bill to the Senate to be voted on. The leader of the Senate is Harry Reid, a Democrat, who has not even brought them up to be voted upon. In fact, he makes a statement before these bills arrive that they are dead on arrival. He will not bring them up for discussion.

For our government to work, both the House and Senate must bring these bills up to be debated. There has to be give and take both ways. This seems to be a no-no for leader Harry Reid.

I’ve been married over 50 years and I’ll give you a couple of examples of why we have made it this long. Soon after we built our house, my wife said she wanted a door from the kitchen, where we had a window. This meant taking the window out, letting a doorway through the brick that was much larger than the window. We talked this over about how much work was involved. I didn’t feel it was necessary. The door is there today and a deck beyond the door that was also discussed with a roof over it.

We had a front porch, but no roof over it. After several talks, we decided to put a roof over it and we enjoy sitting on that porch today.

Many discussions were made over 50 years. We talked between us to make those decisions.

President Obama tells Harry Reid what he wants and Harry Reid has the ability to say whether a bill comes up in the Senate, since he is the leader of the Senate and controls the agenda. So don’t tell me it is the Republicans’ fault that nothing gets done. So lay the blame where it belongs. Obama and Reid won’t debate the issues that are very important to this country.

Bob Strain

St. Clairsville