Oil, Gas a Blessing for Valley

Editor, News-Register:

The valley should be looking at this oil and gas industry as a blessing instead of something so negative.

With all of our steel mills shut down (permanently, most likely), now Ormet closing and coal being threatened, we need to get out of the mindset that these types of jobs are going to be coming back. Or, maybe with a different administration in D.C., that things will be status quo. That is wishful thinking, unfortunately.

Natural gas is a clean energy resource we have right here under our feet, and it makes me so mad when I see these people like up in Warwood having meetings, organizing walks and so on against this industry and the water treatment facility planned for up there. (That is already an industrial area right on State Route 2).

If those were union jobs doing the same exact thing, you would have Orphy and the whole gang up there with shovels in hand for the groundbreaking, photo ops for for the new plant, etc. Instead, we have resistance from people who really don’t know much about all of this.

This industry has been going on for over 25 years. Of course, there will be some problems, as with anything, and things need to be done responsibly. As far as out-of-town workers …. Do you really want people with no experience at all doing this? Young people can start into this field if they want a good paying job to replace the steel and coal jobs of the past, or if you like driving, get a CDL and a little experience and I will guarantee a decent job with these folks.

By the way, I have some friends who went to Texas as young men and worked in the oil fields there. They made a lot of money. I wonder if the Texans resisted them when they went to their area to work? These men from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and so on are just trying to do an honest day’s work. Instead of complaining, get off your — and get a great job. Remember, no one starts at the top.

Thankfully, we have something that can replace the jobs of old, and the valley can prosper again.

Look at all of the trickle-down now with all of the hotels being built, restaurants busy, car lots selling at record paces, clothing and specialty stores popping up, and on and on it goes.

This is not new, just new around here. We need to embrace this, and be thankful these wonderful resources are here.

Janie Matz