W.Va. Should Study ‘Fair Tax’ Proposal

Editor, News-Register:

In a Nov 3 editorial, the editor decried the onerous tax burden West Virginia places on businesses and suggests the state could become more tax-friendly in order to entice businesses into the state. Outstanding idea.

Now, Mr. Editor, what will you do to help make that great idea a reality?

Currently there are several state legislatures pursuing a tax plan that would not only lure new business to their states but could also entice existing businesses away from their current high-tax environments. They are studying and discussing a state version of the National Retail Sales Tax (a.k.a. The FairTax) proposal currently under consideration in the U.S. Congress.

I urge you, Mr. Editor, to use the considerable influence of the state’s oldest and most respected newspaper to get WVU, WLU, Marshall, or any of West Virginia’s other fine institutions to study this proposal. The parameters already exist in the various state and national proposals – it could be as simple as a one-semester project for a graduate or undergraduate economics class.

I’m a realistic person, so I realize this type of study may or may not produce the results I expect but the cost to perform this research is minimal and the results could provide the basis for economic growth (i.e. JOBS) in the Mountain State. Or, it could simply prove to be an unfeasible false hope. Either way, we won’t know until you or someone of your stature gets a study started. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this idea in further detail with you.

Jim Ullom

Richmond, Ohio