Children Helping Others at Christmas

Editor, News-Register:

During the Christmas season, I just wanted to share a story of kids wanting to make a difference with the hope that maybe it will make others want to do the same. I have three children who attend school at St. Mary’s in St. Clairsville. Our school does community service projects almost monthly with the support going to various charities. These are usually sponsored by our student council in which my oldest son, Kyle is a member. From October through January, our school will have provided pies for needy families, donated supplies for the animal shelter and will purchase coats and shoes for children in need.

This year, some of the classes have decided that in lieu of doing a Christmas gift exchange with their classmates, they have decided to help various charities. My daughter Mikayla is in 5th grade and they have purchased gifts for a child from our Giving Tree at Church and will donate the rest of the money to the animal shelter. In addition to our family donation, she even sent in her own money so that they could have more money to donate.

My youngest son, Carson is in first grade and his class along with the kindergarten class decided to buy baby gifts for our Miracle of Life group at church to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas – the Birth of Jesus!

My kids have been so excited to be able to help with these projects. I truly applaud the teachers for talking to the classes about making the sacrifice to help others this Christmas season. My kids have said how good they feel about what they are doing and won’t even miss that one little gift they would have gotten in their gift exchange.

It is my hope that everyone will think about what these children have done to make a difference in our community and that it might encourage you to consider helping someone this season.

Michelle Hendershot

St. Clairsville