Do We Really Think About Our Veterans?

Editor, News-Register:

November 11th has come and gone and we just keep right up hurrying along doing the things we want to do. But what really is Veterans Day? Hurry here and celebrate and hurry there and celebrate. Here, there, hurry along so we can get back to doing our usual. Do we wonder if there were many tears shed on this day? I didn’t really see any myself. Maybe there were and if so, I do thank those who gave way and really remembered.

I read a commentator who is in every Sunday newspaper. His article was so to the point. Part was they left home, they came back, something happened somewhere else in the world – or didn’t.

I personally know four men who went to the service. My husband was in Germany. He stood and watched Patton as his troops came up. While in Germany at night, he was a truck driver. Had to go out at night and return dead bodies. And body parts. Oh, I know, that was his job. So we can be free.

Said he had to take a bottle of whiskey. That was the only way he and his buddies could do the job. Would we like that job? He laid in the hospital for three months with frozen feet. Almost lost them. But thanks to God and doctors they got well. The reason I am writing this is he isn’t here to talk about what he did for us and our freedom. He was a great husband and father. That isn’t all the story but enough to make us realize what their job was. For us.

I had two sons who were in Vietnam. One of them was there once. He wanted to stay there and help the orphans. But wasn’t permitted. After returning he suffered depression. He isn’t with us anymore and he is missed.

My other son did two tours to Vietnam. One too many tours is my belief. Agent Orange was a terrible thing and it’s my belief they sprayed that to kill the foliage and God have mercy, they have caused illness that will not go away. I pray for him everyday.

So we can be free? Oh, I know, we are free but war has been since time began. We are still at it and very little has brought peace. Our Bible says in one chapter, “Come let us reason together.” Seems like we don’t sit down and reason. There is another writing in the Bible: “Peace I give to you and peace I leave with you.” Could we try that? If at first we don’t succeed, try again.

God bless all you veterans out there. And don’t be afraid to speak up and tell your life while you were there. Everyone needs to hear that. They all gave their time, and lives so we can be free. Are we really free? Seems like life (as we have known it) is falling apart for many. It’s a wonderful world out there and we better enjoy the great natural wonders of it all. It’s over far too soon for thousands of our veterans and families.

God made a wonderful world for us. And he said to be fruitful. Do we really know what fruitful means? Rushing here and there, no time left to really do what was the most important. Love one another. God help us all. There is no one down here on the earth who can save us. So sorry.

Betty Boyd