It’s the Law: Either Enforce It or Repeal It

Editor, News-Register:

As if the Affordable Care Act law wasn’t bad enough for this country, now that it is the law we have a president who is deciding what parts he wants to enforce. Where in the Constitution does it give him this power?

Yet nobody is calling him to task for this. If this is now the law, enforce it as written and let the chips fall or else repeal it. If things get bad enough as a result of this law, maybe people will wake

up and demand some change. No wonder Congress has such a low approval rating. They follow blindly and do nothing to rein him in. Just as long as they are excluded and taken care of. I don’t suppose things will ever change.

With the strong possibility of more years with the Clintons in the White House, I think people should be getting afraid of what is waiting for us.

Donald R. Britt