McGeehan Campaign For Senate Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

West Virginia Republican United States Senate candidate Pat McGeehan is using a sleight of hand and straw man approach in his campaign. His remarks like “(Natalie) Tennant loves to let everyone know that she was the Mountaineer at WVU …” would be like someone slamming his time at the Air Force Academy. Mr. McGeehan sounds like he is not seeking his party nomination but rather is part of a “Tag Team” who could not make the cut in professional wrestling himself. In vaudeville, unlike the circus, the acrobats were the lowest act on the bill so the comedian would open, “Good evening ladies and gentleman, and all you acrobats…”

Maybe McGeehan and Shelley Moore Capito – West Virginia’s other Republican United States Senate candidate – could go on the road together sort of like a ventriloquist act – another Edgar Bergen and his best-known sidekick, Charlie McCarthy.

Last week the McGeehan campaign launched an online petition to defund and eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) while restoring environmental powers back to the individual states. Everyone knows that simply is never going to happen! I must wonder out loud if Mr. McGeehan has ever been inside a deep West Virginia coal mine? “Our campaign is doing real things to fight for coal.” Really? “While career politicians talk rhetoric we are showing West Virginia we mean business when we say we want to save the coal industry,” McGeehan said. I never can get this career politician’s line. Shelley is the daughter of a former three-time governor, and six-time U.S. congressman. She and has served in the West Virginia House Of Delegates and Congress for 12 years. Is she your opponent? Why not mention her name during some sleight of hand magician trick when you’re on stage? Must you go off on this tangent about President Obama? It is The Affordable Care Act that will provide miners their black lung benefits. Does Mr. Mr. McGeehan know that? Oh yea, the president is not on the ballot either. You and Ms. Capito signed up to compete for the Republican nomination.

My only question, Mr. McGeehan, is do you plan to play the role of McCarthy or Bergen during the election? You should know that Charlie said: “Pink elephants take aspirin to get rid of W. C. Fields.” To all voters, let me say Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, and to all you ships at sea … curtain, please. Thank you

Michael Traubert