Nothing Wrong With Solar, Wind Subsidies

Editor, News-Register:

Regarding the Nov. 7 editorial “Put End to Subsidies For Solar, Wind Power.” In terms of 2013 dollars, how much subsidizing was done of infrastructure and numerous other items for oil, coal and natural gas during the period 1875 through 1950? Direct, indirect, tax breaks, over the table, under the table, official, unofficial, in front pockets and any other method possible. I would put the figure at hundreds of billions of dollars! Sadly, subsidies still exist in some form. Big deal for big oil. They pay a few cents tax per $1,000 profit, if the government can catch them.

Did big oil pay for the interstate highway system? I don’t think so. Are they deriving great benefits from it? They certainly are! A big oil accomplishment: “We have successfully squelched all attempts at significant technology breakthroughs for over 100 years, regarding the automobile internal combustion engine! Aren’t we good! (Well, maybe a measly improvement here or there.)”

Now: “Heavens to Mergatroid! What do you mean we’re going to subsidize solar and wind power?” The Global Energy Triumvirate has decreed “There Shall Be No Other Forms Of Energy!” We only allowed hydroelectric because it started before we did and allowed nuclear because we thought it would fall flat. We have reigned supreme for 125 years on energy and we’re not going to relinquish that position! Progress for any other form of energy is not allowed! And so it goes.

The same complaining was done in th 1960s and afterward about “subsidizing” the space program. If that subsidizing and program had not occurred, with its emphasis on electronic miniaturization and speed, today we would not have powerful PCs, the Internet and Interhook, cellphones and grid phones, smart phones and dumb phones, iPads and uPads, k-Readers and z-Readers, x-Boxes and on and on.

So whatever you do, don’t subsidize anything new in any area: We must stick with the old!

James R. Wisialowski