Reasons to Enforce The Speed Limit

Editor, News-Register:

As residents of Main Street in North Wheeling, we have seen an increase in the traffic over the last year. There have been numerous vehicle accidents and at least one pedestrian accident to our knowledge. As there is only one signal light from First Street until Seventh Street (which light is incorrectly timed), crossing Main Street can be hazardous to your health.

We realize we share these same concerns with neighborhoods all along State Route 2. The following are the Top Ten Reasons we believe the lawful speed limit should be obeyed and enforced in our neighborhood:

1. Augusta Levy Learning Center.

2. Bethlehem Apostolic Center and Shiloh Apostolic Faith Assembly.

3. North Wheeling Community Youth Center.

4. Hope 6 residential area.

5. Providence Greene Apartments.

6. Riverview Towers.

7. Seeing Hand Association for the Blind.

8. Wheeling Fire and Rescue.

9. Lyceum Preparatory Academy.

10. To protect our fragile infrastructure and historic homes, some of which were here when we were still Virginia.

Needless to say, our school buses and public transportation are always a great safety concern.

Martin and Barbara Pirhalla