Saffell, Firefighters Heroic Life Savers

Editor, News-Register:

It has been a sad time recently with the passing of Cumberland Trial Fire District Chief Kenneth Saffell. As attorney of the district since its inception in the early 1990s, I knew Kenny very well.

He was as dedicated and devoted paramedic and firefighter for many years. He passed away all too soon at the age of 51. This sentiment was shared by the other members of the district. While at the funeral home, I talked with my friends Lt. Steve Cupryk and paramedic/firefighter Lance Rice. A number of the other lads from the district were also present and all were meticulously dressed in their uniforms, as Kenny would have wanted.

Like Kenny, they are all brave, indeed heroic public servants who save lives routinely. They enter fires and accident scenes without regard for their own safety – thinking only of saving any survivors and protecting the public.

They weren’t expecting to see the Chief like this. As an ex-Army man, I know heroes when I see them and these men certainly are.

We miss you Kenny, and may God bless you.

Gerald P. Duff

St. Clairsville