Water Rate Increase Plan Is Questioned

Editor, News-Register:

I’m writing to comment on the proposed water increase and Iguess most of Steubenville must be asleep or lost in time too. For one, why not remove the mercury in city water, of which the city made an announcement not too long ago about. The mecury level was very high this year.

Then remove lead pipes, too.

My question is this: Where has all the money gone for all these years to do improvements and keep clean water, too? I wanted to add tht I guess most don’t travel at night on foot from 8 p.m. and on. If you’re out and about, you can’t help but smell the foul odor of sulfur in the air, and it’s not coal stoves doing the polluting, but from the Follansbee, W.Va., plant.

If you harm the land with pollutants and as well the water and air, there is something very lacking, with the understanding of what God commands all Christians. We are to protect the earth and its natural resourses – not harm, but help – and there is a harsh judgment of God for those who do harm the earth.

In closing, that’s why I always offer a prayer for this city and its people: Dear Lord Jesus, please open the eyes of your children and open their hearts to follow you, not this devil’s worldly system. Please help them see you hold all accountable for harming your creation and those who dont help to stop the harm either , in your name I pray. Signed, the cry in the wilderness

William Murray