Workers Compete To Help Soup Kitchen

Editor, News-Register:

During this holiday season, we would like to let people know about the unselfish donations given by some wonderful people we have met. We are the nurses of Brown Medical and are subcontracted by URS at the Williams Fractionation Plant south of Moundsville. URS and local labor unions are presently building this new plant.

For the last several weeks there has been a friendly competition between the staff and labor. The competition consisted of who could donate the most pounds of food to the Wheeling soup kitchen. Donations immediately began to roll in, so much so that a connex had to be obtained just to hold it all. But not only was food donated, there were monetary donations as well.

The nurses volunteered to do the shopping with the monetary donations, since we were the neutral group. We never imagined the amount of money that would be donated. We enjoyed ourselves as we shopped the aisles of the local grocery stores filling multiple shopping carts. As we delivered our goods and designated them as craft or staff we were always handed more donations. The connex was emptied once and URS delivered over 3,500 pounds of food to the soup kitchen.

On Nov. 22, we did our final delivery. Overall, 3,500 pounds of food were donated along with over $6,500. We shopped for over three hours with five people and our final tally was approximately 13,000 pounds of goods. This delivery included cheese, fruit, vegetables, fresh meats, soap powder, shampoo, soap, combs and a variety of canned goods.

A huge shout out to the union craft that won this friendly competition. These unions consist of the electricians, pipe fitters, laborers, cement masons, painters, ironworkers, operators, carpenters and millwrights. These are your neighbors and they unselfishly gave throughout this competition. We have been truly blessed to have worked with these great people and are so proud to now be able to call them our friends.

Nurses of Brown Medical

Stacy Riggle, Head Nurse

Carla DiLoretta

Carol LeMasters

Jeannie Nelson

Peggy Tollett