Conservative Media Certainly Is Biased

Editor, News-Register:

Where was the outcry from Republican/Conservative media elite when under the administration of a previous president the following had taken place?

1. Our national debt increased by 188.4 percent from $994.8 billion to $2.87 trillion dollars and the federal deficit grew to record levels.

2. Taxes were increased no fewer than 11 times and our nation’s debt ceiling was raised 17 times with no “strings attached.”

3. Drastically increased the number of employees of the federal government.

4. Granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

5. The United States embassy was attacked (in Beirut, Lebanon) where 63 Americans were killed.

6. The U.S. Marine Barracks (in Beirut, Lebanon) was attacked where 274 Americans were murdered, which led to this president’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from that nation.

7. Counter to declared policy, negotiated with terrorists in violation of the Boland Amendment (in the Iran-Contra Affair).

8. Negotiated willingly with leaders of our nation’s then-chief international adversary, the Soviet Union, to whom he referred to as “The Evil Empire.”

9. Gave a speech at Kohneshele Cemetery in Bitburg, Germany, where 49 Nazi SS officers are known to be buried.

Can you imagine if any or all of the above were done by President Obama or any Democratic president?

The outcry of conservative media elites and “law makers” would be damning and relentless to be sure.

If such were done by a Democratic administration, the then-president would be undeniably labeled as a “traitor” to our great nation, and impeachment would, no doubt, be pursued in earnest.

However, the president responsible for all listed above was Republican/Conservative icon Ronald Wilson Reagan, and all such violations – and more – of the conservative trust have been simply ignored and the myth of the conservative Reagan permeates.

So much for the media having a “liberal bias”!

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry