Lottery Gives Some People Reason for Hope

Editor, News-Register:

In reference to an article on gambling from Dec. 17, people play the lottery because they are stuck in dead-end jobs with no retirement (Social Security) or future. They have no training to advance, nor are they connected in any way. They have no way to get training, or there are no jobs in what they trained for.

This is their last hope, their last chance for an escape from a future in Section 8 housing, Peterson or assisted living as their future. It is a chance at a real vacation for those who have never been to Disneyland, Disney World or a “real” vacation like Hawaii. Some people have never seen California or Mexico. Some people dream of an escape from the monotony and stress of a dead-end, nowhere career.

The lottery gives them that hope of a way out – up, not down and out.

Business has either automated or swiped jobs overseas to maximize profits. Workers take what jobs they can find and hope to pray for a miracle so they can retire like a “sultan,” and not end up living on the streets to be kicked out by the Salvation Army every morning. How does one get a job when you live under a bridge or in the woods?

Michellle Petri