Obama Dishonest, Has His Priorities Mixed Up

Editor, News-Register:

Why is the Obama administration trying to fix things that are not broken? He needs to fix our relationship with our neighboring countries and most of all bringing more jobs to our state. This president clearly has his priorities mixed up. And he needs to stop lying to the people.

Anymore it seems like every word that comes out of the president’s mouth is a lie, along with Harry Reid and most of his other goons. People, we need to stand up to this president and make him start telling the truth or impeach him. Do you want to lose our coal mines because the EPA says they are causing too much pollution? And what’s with this deal with him telling the windmill producers that it’s all right to kill our bald and golden eagles? He’s more or less saying kill our freedom, because that’s what the eagles mean to me.

And if anyone of you are a Marine, you would remember that we wear the eagle, globe, anchor for it represents freedom. Think about it.

Clarence Meyer