Saving Lives With Sensible Gun Limits

Editor, News-Register:

Why do we so easily shrug off mass shootings like those in Aurora or the school shooting that left 20 children dead and countless families with empty beds and even emptier hearts? We ask ourselves why people do it and often times we claim that they were insane and carry on with our daily lives.

However, why are these psychopaths able to obtain these kinds of weapons? The answer is simple: We refuse to give up our freedoms for the protection of others.

In 1787, when the Constitution was being written an amendment was put in to allow people to carry weapons; we now know that as the Second Amendment. It was written in when the only guns available were muzzle loaders.

However, now, if you know the right people, it’s not crazy to think that you could go out right now and buy an automatic weapon. The authors of the Constitution had the idea of defending yourself from natives and from wild animals. The Boston Massacre, one of the most historic events in American history, only killed five people; now five people being killed rarely makes the headlines on the nightly news. According to Becky Bowers of, since 1968, 1.4 million people have been killed by guns. That number is higher than the number of Americans killed in war during the same time period. Don’t get me wrong, I’m from West Virginia and have seen plenty of people go hunting in my life and I believe that not all guns are bad and not everyone who owns a gun should labeled as a killer and have their firearm taken from them. Just think for a minute: Do you really need a gun that can fire as many times as you can pull the trigger? If the only people who had these semi-automatic guns were the police, then the odds of having mass shootings and shootouts with the police would dip drastically. America needs to change as the gun violence has numbed people to the point where it is simply a matter of when and where the next shooting will occur, not if.

Liam McNeil