Time for W.Va. to Move Away From Gambling

Editor, News-Register:

It was with great sadness that I read the article concerning the loss of revenue from state and local gambling. Perhaps fire needs to be fought with fire. Wheeling Island could be turned into a theme park for all seven vices. Maybe a Roman-style Colosseum at the current site of the racetrack? It seems a win-win-win. Property owners would be relieved of tax burdens. Crime rates would drastically drop because, basically every-thing would be legal (the current synonym is sanctioned). The old, the sick and the poor could be fed to the lions and removed from insurance rosters where they are obviously not wanted any way. Liabilities could be neutralized simply by an archway at the suspension bridge (and elsewhere) scrolled with the ligature of “Abandon hope, all who enter here.” Or “Enter at Own Risk.”

We lament so much that occurs or does not occur in the city of Wheeling. We like to sugar coat our own vices with public relations branding. I abused a thousand, but look at the hundreds that received some good. Who can blame the false perception in the downtrodden that law and ethics are relative to vested interests? Do they not often seem but gallant rogues self-medicating the shock of misapprehension?

Let us face a fact: The “devil” in the mirror is us. We are the author of our woes. Coming out of this solstice darkness, may we have an enlightening Christmas and a reformed New Year.

Concerning West Virginia’s loss of gambling revenue: The coffers have been emptied. We, the citizens of this beloved state, are tapped out. It’s time to move on to something more productive.

Earl Keener