Government Actions Costing Us Money

Editor, News-Register:

Here is a partial list of what Obama’s Affordable Health Care Law has caused the American people since he took office as our president.

1. The outstanding service of our health care before Obama has gone by the wayside. The hospitals have had to cut back on staff; many older, well-established doctors have chosen early retirement because of the government stipulations. When I was in the hospital, you could ring for a nurse and they sometimes did not come – they were tied up with computer book work (you could go out to the nurse’s desk and a couple would be on the computer) due to the government regulations for assurance and protection, or else they were cut short of help.

2. Gasoline has doubled – this in turn has caused the transportation industry to make excessive charges in delivering everything from “nuts and bolts” to “you name it.” Whatever, it’s an expensive increase for those on a fixed income.

3. The minimum wage has increased to a point each year to where small businesses cannot afford to hire people to work, also, causing restaurants to increase the cost of food.

4. The following is a list of monthly bills in comparison to the term of Obama:

  • Columbia Gas – 2008, $788.89; 2013, $665.24. Percentage 15.60 positive.
  • American Electric Power – 2008, $932.24; 2013, $1,751.19. Percentage 87.84 negative.
  • AT&T – 2008, $1,477.94; 2013, $1,433.97. Percentage 2.97 positive.
  • Water – 2008, $280.50; 2013, $402.77. Percentage 43.00 negative.
  • E.O.R.W.A. (sewage) to be increased – 2008, $239.50; 2013, $233.00. Percentage 2.71 positive.
  • Insurance – 2008, $1,486.17; 2013, $1,961.57. Percentage 32.70 negative.
  • Comcast Cable – 2008, $1,247.95; 2013, $1,670.99. Percentage 29.00 negative.
  • Garbage – 2008, $107.45; 2013, $153.18. Percentage 42.50 negative.

Note – The three positive percentages are three items that do not depend on transportation. The negative percentage indicates raises and transportation costs.

5. The greatest increase is with AEP. Due to the extreme cold weather and Obama against the use of coal-fired electric plants, my bill for December was increased 81.3 percent from last month ($150 to $272).

Our representatives in Congress and Obama had permitted the cuts to the cost of living for two years and this year has cut the percentage to 1.5 percent (3 percent for me would amount to $558 a year increase). Also, the basis for this does not include the commodities that are really expensive.

When I worked (42 years), 15 percent of my check went toward Social Security and my employer paid 15 percent – this would have amounted to nearly $700,000, which at $18,910 should last 37 years. If I’m lucky enough before the Lord calls me, I will have drawn it for 29 years in 2017. What happens to the excess and the money for those who died without collecting Social Security? It’s time the government stops spending the money that’s due the working man while they receive approximately $20,000 per year.

It’s puzzling for me to visualize the government spending a budget of $1.1 trillion next year. I believe it’s time for our representatives to live in a budget, including the president, who had at least two months vacation this past year, costing money. You and I have to live in a strict budget, or we would be homeless like so many of the American people. The government is forcing working people through taxation to support the rest of the people who do nothing and receive special insurance and a free meal provided by the government.

I don’t believe the American people don’t want to work; the job market isn’t available (according to the CATO Institute only 58 percent of the people are working). The government should require people to work in order to receive health insurance – our infrastructure is breaking down after 30 to 60 years of unaffordable maintenance. We need to bring back a pride and an incentive to receive these free programs and not give 18 million illegal immigrants free passage.

Stop the giveaway program, especially to these foreign governments whose people haven’t any regard for human life. Let them deal with their own problems, just as the U.S. congressmen are going to have to do to straighten our government.

There is no doubt in my mind this country needed a better health care system; but not the Affordable Health Care Act (why should a 67-year-old woman lose her health care insurance because the policy does not provide for condoms?); or anyone else who has purchased their own insurance for years. How does the government know what I or anyone else needs, or why should they have that right to tell you what you need. We are becoming a slave to government – “do as I say or else pay the penalty.”

Why do immigrants want to come to America? Is it possible they were tired of living under their government? Or living in tyranny, not knowing if they would be alive for tomorrow? Take a good look at all the Asian countries! Then look at what America used to be before Obama.

I never thought in my 80 years I would see something so wrong and a president that would lie and destroy our system. He has not any regard for the Constitution or your congressmen.

If your Congress men and women permit the immigration of these 16 million illegal immigrants to receive free health care and Social Security, you will be as guilty as Obama in destroying the American dream of being able to retire and live out life under the freedoms of the Constitution for which many have died to preserve. Please don’t let their deaths be in vain.

Robert W. Thomas