Growing federal debt is economic treason

The Federal Reserve Bank is a private, and partly foreign-owned enterprise worth more than $4.1 trillion in assets, that has usurped control of the economy and treasury.

The “too big to fail” plutocrats will lend money to our profligates in Washington, while these politicians force you-the taxpayer, to cosign the loans. Loans are made with terms conditions and with pledges of services and assets as collateral.

The foreign or dubiously domestic aristocrats who lend to governments, not only get interest, but control. The elite who own the notes of our national debt, turn our Congress and White House into servants.

The lenders are in effect buying resources and concessions of sovereignty and power to bureaucrats in the U.N., WTO, NAFTA and the next debacle to American prosperity – the Trans Pacific Partnership. The lenders, like Saudi Arabia and Israel, get our the military and the ability to set the agenda and policies of our government.

In addition, these aristocrats who lend to governments get the right to seize assets as collateral.

And the citizens who were duped into voting for these squandering socialists and their “hope and change” Potemkin villages will be forever in debt to these lenders in a program called “austerity.”

This is what Wall Street is celebrating, the economic treason of growing government debt.

Michael Guy

Cannonsburg, Pa.