Keep summer vacation on the school calendar

After attending the Ohio County Board of Education meeting (Monday) evening, I realize that this subject is not at all about making up days missed which has been expressed continually of great concern.

It is about changing the school calendar.

Here’s a question for you: What is the plan if the children were to go to school year round and had to make up days missed? Would these be made up in June? (The month that our children are suppose to have for summer break?) I am guessing your answer to that would be “yes” or some spring break days would once again be taken.

Why did we not receive information on a proposal of how missed days would be made up along with the proposed year round calendar?

During the summer months, the children get the chance to be active, which is what we keep hearing that our children need. We hear this from school, the media, the doctors, the government, etc., who promote living an active and healthy lifestyle.

June is not exactly a great month for our children to be active due to the fact that it can sometimes be quite cool and also be quite rainy during this month. Having July and August off would be much better for our children to be active.

Our children also have a chance to learn important life skills during the summer months when working jobs or helping on a family farm, attending camps or local programs, etc.

Our children also have the chance to form and nurture relationships whether they be in the home, community, or family and friends. For older children who work during the summer, they receive an opportunity to explore numerous options in the job industry before settling on a career pathway upon graduating college.

Don’t we want to prepare our children or the next generation for the future by providing them with worthy work ethics as well as how to deal with other people who are not their peers? It is also better for the local economy and our children to have the summer off. There are many organizations that would suffer from the proposed year-round calendar. Ohio County businesses and organizations provide a lot of opportunities for our children to further their education or their future career, to form lifelong relationships within the community, and offers numerous scholarship possibilities.

Furthermore, the teachers and staff work hard for our children at school. They also deserve the summer off. Why, you may ask yourself? The summer months are nice for them to unwind and return to school renewed and ready to deal with children anew.

Dealing with a classroom of children (20 or more to typically one adult) during an entire day can be quite taxing.

I ask that you also think of them. I ask you to think of your own children and then think of one of the worst days you have spent with them when they may have argued and been combative and/or refused to listen the entire day. Now, multiply that by a number to get you close to 20 children and think of how the day would be then.

It is my opinion that the teachers deserve this time off to soak in the sun and rejuvenate themselves. Well-rested teachers make great teachers because they feel they can give more of themselves, which benefits the children and boosts the quality of time and education that they will receive.

I really am hoping that someone will be reading these comments and take them seriously.

Also, keep in mind the children you may lose to homeschooling if year round school would be implemented.

Melissa Vargo

Valley Grove