President’s ‘Truth’ Constantly Changing

Editor, News-Register:

In Bill O’Reilly’s Presidential Interview before the Super Bowl, President Obama seemed amused by O’Reilly’s substantive questions as well as O’Reilly’s apparent expectation that he would actually answer the questions truthfully. Whether the president did or didn’t remains to be seen but merely having him on the record matters little to a man who views himself as impregnable. Whatever he says in the moment is “the truth” even though he may say the exact opposite in a future moment. For example, with supreme confidence or arrogance depending upon your view, he would not even acknowledge his words uttered five days before being elected president to effect a “fundamental transformation of America.” Furthermore, he boldly denied that he was doing just that.

Remember in the 2011 “Sixty Minutes Interview” he boasted of accomplishing 70 percent of his agenda and ranked himself among the top four presidents in accomplishments during their first term, the others being Lincoln, FDR, and LBJ. The question must be asked “What made up those successes?”

From my perspective, the president is a “Master of Spin” who glibly obfuscates the fundamentally antithetical nature of his policies to America’s founding. Thus his self-congratulations are based on reducing America’s stature in the world abroad while domestically promoting the redistribution of wealth to achieve his egalitarian vision of equal outcomes, not equal opportunities, as the “Master Arbiter of Fairness.” Justice based upon equity “according to natural law or right” as contained in the Declaration of Independence and codified in the Constitution is being destroyed by his policies. His claims to the contrary amount to “duping the gullible” which appears to be sport to him. After all, his education and the authorities he knows assure him that he is riding the ultimate wave of history as the “Master Surfer.” President Obama is not the first in history to believe that he is doing so.

Depending on your preferred view, a massive wipeout looms or an ecstatic burst of praise celebrating his expertise for deconstructing the United States on his way to Utopia’s shore. If the former occurs, it will be the peoples’ fault for getting in his way, if the latter, all glory will be claimed by himself for redefining what is rational.

William M. Yavelak