Rep. Cera Deserving Of High Honor

Editor, News-Register:

I would like to congratulate Mr. Jack Cera (Democrat-Bellaire), who represents the 96th District in the Ohio House of Representatives, which includes the eastern section of Belmont as well as Jefferson and Monroe Counties, for his recently being selected as the Jack Wolfe Legislator of the Year in Ohio for 2014 by the Ohio Association of Election Officials, which represents the members and employees of Ohio’s 88 boards of elections.

Being selected a “Top Legislator” by such a prestigious organization as the Ohio Association of Election Officials is certainly quite an honor, but one richly deserved by Representative Cera.

Representative Cera, who returned to the state legislature in December 2011, after previously successfully serving his area as state representative is well known and highly respected for his accessibility, strong advocacy on behalf of his constituents, knowledge of issues and pragmatism regarding the legislative process.

We, his constituents, are most fortunate to have Jack Cera represent us in the Ohio House of Representatives. Thank you.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry