Stop Light, Elm Crest Drive Speeders Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

Open letter to the West Virginia Division of Highways and the city of Wheeling:

It is apparent that there was a lack of, or inadequate study, and a waste of taxpayers’ dollars when the traffic control system was designed for the Mt. de Chantal interchange. This is especially true with the expense (tens of thousands of dollars) that went into erecting/installing the traffic light at the westbound off ramp from I-70 to Washington Avenue.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that recognizes this ill-placed signal and curses the party(s) that came up with the need for a high-tech traffic light when a simple stop sign would have been sufficient. If I remember correctly, a stop sign served this intersection for a number of years and seemed to do so with little or no conflict between motorists leaving I-70 and those traveling on Washington Avenue.

As I travel about the city of Wheeling I note the absurd number of four-way stop signs that have been erected by the city in an effort to control speeding. This is especially true in the Woodsdale section of town. However, the entire length of Elm Crest Drive lacks a simple warning sign advising motorists that children are present and they need to slow down and drive at a reasonable speed.

The Wheeling Police Department was kind enough to place the mobile radar speed sign near the playground for a short period of time last year. Unfortunately it had little or no effect as a small minority of resident drivers continue to rush up and down the hill ignoring the speed limit and the possible dangers to small children.

Perhaps this letter will at least garner the attention of the appropriate parties to reconsider the need for operating and maintaining the aforementioned traffic signal.

And perhaps the chief of police will direct one of his patrol cars to run radar on Elm Crest Drive and the drivers that are in a hurry will get the message and reduce their speed accordingly.

Hope springs eternal!

P. Jacobs