Try Being Good Parent Before Casting Blame

Editor, News-Register:

Too often people take to social media to pass blame onto others, cry over unwanted results, or falsify information to draw attention to themselves. I often read posts that ridicule schools and others time and time again with no consequence nor with the actual facts involved. This just proves typical in today’s society that it is easier for people to point fingers when they don’t receive what they want, regardless of the true facts that are right in front of them. And they often leave detail out that would cause others to say “you are nuts.” I am sure that these individuals fail to mention the facts, just blame others for their potentially poor parenting abilities in an attempt to get something, as if you are entitled to.

These individuals take to social media to spread word of wrongdoing. Is there actual wrongdoing or did you just get hit with truth and not like it? Social media has become the dumping ground for cry babies and uneducated rubes. It has also became the dumpster of non-truthful information. If you believe 95 percent of what these types of individuals post to Facebook or tweet, then you are probably one of them. My thoughts, take the social media away, teach your children there is more in life, put your phone down and shut down your computer, work with the schools, not against them, and enjoy life. Last, ask yourself this question. Do I spend as much time as a parent with my child as I do posting on social media sites? Perhaps we need to examine what “parent” really means first.

Ken Adams Jr.