We Must Stand Up Against EPA

Editor, News-Register:

Although the law says it can only require utilities to use power generation technologies that have been “adequately demonstrated” and are available at a reasonable cost, the Environmental Protection Agency is pressing ahead with rules requiring that power companies use unproven, outrageously expensive technologies in their new coal-fired facilities or else give up the use of coal.

That choice is one we cannot afford to make. Approximately 97 percent of West Virginia’s electric is produced from coal, while 40 percent of the nation’s power is derived from coal. Coal is domestic and abundant, and the future economic security of our state depends upon halting this misguided policy.

The EPA cannot fully implement its new rules until expiration of a public comment period March 10. In the coming weeks, America’s citizens, business leaders and elected officials must stand up and firmly say “no.” We must demand that the EPA change course and abandon these senseless and potentially devastating regulations.

John Toth