West Virginians Proud, Will Weather Adversity

Editor, News-Register:

I read my paper every day and on Saturday it seems to be a special day, so many interesting items to read.

Started to read one morning and this cult item came in my reading. I don’t know this lady who writes this column but she sure doesn’t know what she is talking about. And to have the nerve as to go so far as all West Virginia filled with a cult. Does she really realize the meaning of the word cult? I don’t think so. In fact, I know she doesn’t know what she is saying.

We are proud West Virginians and have worked very hard at keeping it safe and our coal mines have been very productive, and I have to say if it wasn’t for our coal mines, I truly think many folks wouldn’t have the luxuries they have today and we are proud of that. Much of our industry is gone but that doesn’t break our pride of our state. It may have hurt the pocketbook but we still love our state. And that is a fact.

This lady should come and visit before she starts throwing stones. Believe me, any one who read this letter probably couldn’t believe what they were reading. “Cult,” a word not used or pertaining to it in our beautiful state of West Virginia. We have worked hard here and have been very proud of what we have accomplished.

Our whole world is in a slump right now and we in West Virginia will get through the hard times including the leak into the Elk River without her help. West Virginians taking care of West Virginians. That’s who we are and we will continue to do what has to be done for our state.

I personally think this reporter really needs to write another letter of apology to the state of West Virginia. We are Mountaineer through and through and that remark really hurt. And we work hard and will continue to do so so we forgive that remark and continue to be proud West Virginians. By the way, we love your state. It’s one our United States of America. United. We know what that means. Through thick and thin we have tough skin.

Betty Boyd