Wheeling Operations Department Praised

Editor, News-Register:

The City of Wheeling Operations Department has done a “yeoman’s job” throughout the current winter blitz. “Yeoman” is defined in the Webster dictionary as, “one that performs great and loyal service.” And the Operations Department as a collective group has certainly done just that. They have been out most nights in the past few weeks of snow and ice plowing and salting the major city roadways, plowing neighborhood streets during the daylight hours, clearing and salting sidewalks around the city parks and playgrounds and when time permits, clearing snow and ice from in front of the street drains to keep them from clogging and stopping the snow melt from reaching the drains. Most of this work has been done when the temperature was below freezing and often times in the single digits.

The citizens of Wheeling are fortunate to have such a dedicated group. The Operations Department management and staff have certainly done a “yeoman’s job” throughout this very difficult winter season and are to be acknowledged and thanked for their service.

Tom Dailer