Acting in Bridgeport’s Interests on Leases

Editor, News-Register:

I read Councilman David W. Smith’s six-column letter to the editor captioned “Mineral Rights.” I do not necessarily believe that it serves the best interest of the citizens of Bridgeport for its public officials to be critical of each other by way of Letters to the Editor. Any business concerning the welfare of the village’s citizens can best be addressed by an appropriate dialogue during council meetings.

I am sure that everyone associated with the Village of Bridgeport’s government agrees with the fact that village officials need to work in a manner to maximize the most revenues for the village. The public needs to know that the village is soliciting sealed bids, and only after the bids are opened do I believe it appropriate for the village officials to discuss the contents of the bids in council chambers, and not in the newspaper. Leases are legal documents.

What Mr. Smith needs to do before the bids are opened is to be cooperative in appointing a village solicitor who can best help us to make the right legal decision.

However, the reason I am responding to Councilman Smith’s letter is because he is misleading the public by using mass communications for his personal gains by attempting to say that I, as mayor, am not giving serious thought to investing monies, purchasing equipment, or improving the quality of life of the village’s employees, but only interested in infrastructure and roads. If Mr. Smith is interested in my views, he knows where to find me. He can ask me rather than trying to degrade me for his personal gains by writing letters to the editor.

Of course, I am interested in investing monies, purchasing equipment, or improving the quality of life of the village employees, as well as improving infrastructure and roads. I have done more for the village of Bridgeport over and above my duties as mayor, during the last 17 years, than Mr. Smith can do in his lifetime. Over the years, I have acted in the best interest of the citizens of Bridgeport.

John J. Callarik