Fiscal Problems Could Have Been Foreseen

Editor, News-Register

Here we go again. The city of Wheeling has a budget problem because nobody could see a drop in gambling revenue. Are you kidding me?

With new casinos in Columbus, Ohio; Maryland and Pittsburgh. Wheeling’s sales tax has not generated the money they said it would. In fact, some people left Wheeling to do their shopping. The moral to the story is, you don’t spend money you don’t have, giving everyone raises.

In fact, we should be making cuts in every department except the police. Society is degrading because there are no decent jobs for people, so they turn to drugs and crime. That’s why we need the police force. Why don’t we tax the influx of oil and gas workers that have made the Ohio Valley their temporary home, tearing up the roads and creating traffic issues, disrupting our way of life so they can make a profit. Who’s going to pay for cleaning up their mess when they’re done? Guess who, people.

Jeff Whitehouse