Letting Everyone Cast Votes in Ohio

Editor, News-Register:

Well, now I see that Ohio is changing the voting rules. My ESP tells me that Ohio is trying to make it tougher for Democrats to vote. About 30 other states are doing the same thing.

I believe that everyone should be allowed to vote. I know that Democrats agree. Republicans seem to think that Democrats should be blocked from voting when possible. Some Republicans even think that a rich person should be allowed 30,000 votes or so while a middle class person gets only one. Republicans go to great lengths to “pretend” they believe in the right to vote for everyone, but my ESP tells me differently.

If the rules change and fewer Democrats vote in future elections, we’ll know why and if fewer Democrats are allowed to vote, then Republicans will win future elections. Republicans know they can’t win elections on their own merits. Blocking Democrats from voting is the only way Republicans can win.

Hey, Ohio! Let everyone vote!

Roger L. Tschappatt