Now, It’s Republicans Fighting for the Future

Editor, News-Register:

I am a recent registered independent. My wife is a lifelong Democrat. However, I consider myself a Christian and american citizen before my party affiliation. I usually come home in the evening after working an 8- to 10-hour day to sit and enjoy reading the local newspaper. I usually breeze through the editorials and laugh at the same group of single-minded people that bash the Republicans and think President Obama can do no wrong. They must have a lot of extra time on their hands and should volunteer their extra time to helping the needing in their community. No one is buying your global warming, war on women, coal-is-bad crap you continue to spew.

I recently read a letter to the editor that forced me to write a response. She was actually bashing Congressman Mckinley for voting to overturn Obamacare. The vast majority of working West Virginians, Democrat or Republican, would love to thank him for voting 42 times to overturn this awful law Obamacare that was shoved down the Americans’ throats. I have also heard Congressman McKinley speak a couple of times in the valley and found we have no better friend for coal-mining jobs in Washington than Mr. McKinley.

Now that I pay attention, I know we have a partner with Obama with the war on coal in Senator Jay Rockefeller. I’ve noticed Jay’s been hiding in Washington the last eight years and if he ever comes to West Virginia, it’s a closed dinner with only his elite supporters invited. The letter writer also criticized Congressman McKinley for not extending more time on long term unemployment and his so-called war on women. I am confident in telling the writer that working West Virginians believe in unemployment; however, 99 weeks of it is long enough and don’t believe politicians should steal from the children of the future to pay over 99 weeks.

That so-called war on women: Most women and husbands can pay the $10 a month for birth control. Heaven forbid a politician has a Christian belief that an abortion shouldn’t occur, outside of raped women and danger to the mother, after five months of pregnancy.

Lastly, where is Joe Manchin now that we seen what’s happening with Obamacare? He keeps voting for this. Americans believed President Obama when he said time after time we could keep our insurance and doctors under Obamacare. He even said we would save $2,500 a year with it. This was a blatant lie and he knew it. Personally I get to keep my insurance but it increased more than $6,000 a year with a $10,000 deductible. I called about this huge increase and was told it was due to Obamacare and I was helping to subsidize the uninsured.

Wow! My wife is closing in on 50 but now has maternity and child care on her insurance. I have friends who lost their insurance from Obamacare and had to go on that awful government site to get insurance. It took them over a month to finally get it and it’s much more expensive and their family doctor doesn’t accept it. Now, I see the president is giving companies a delay in Obamacare till after the 2016 election. That’s good for them, but how about the working families stuck with this crap? If Obamacare is so great, why delay it for large companies? Simple: He knows it will destroy up to 80 million Americans’ good health insurance that is covered by their employer. Knowing this will kill the chances of Democrats getting elected.

My question is, why are you ruining the 85 percent of workings families that like their insurance for the 15 percent that don’t have it? I’m sure you could do something for them without destroying us. Times have really changed. I remember when we used to think the Democrats were for working folks, but if you pay any attention now it’s the Republicans fighting for our jobs and children’s future. Now the Democrats are for raising working folks taxes and putting more people on the welfare system.

May God bless America and West Virginia

Ronald Lee