Nugent Has Degenerated

Editor, News-Register:

How is it that 1970s rock musician Ted Nugent continues to be granted somewhat of a national forum, not for his views and comment on the field of popular music, but rather for his outrageous, disrespectful and inappropriate remarks, recently referring to the President of the United States shockingly as a “sub-human mongrel”?

Sadly, the public persona of Ted Nugent has degenerated to the point where consistently his hated-filled diatribes have transformed this new increasingly pathetic individual into what has become a bizarre caricature of his former self.

Nugent has long been known for being a “gun afficionado” and promotes himself as an American patriot, while neglecting to serve in our nation’s military during the Vietnam war era when he was of age to so serve.

Apparently, for some such Nugent, rhetoric oftentimes does not translate to like actions consistent with professed beliefs.

It appears that Nugent’s most recent emergence as a “political/social commentator” is simply a desperate attempt to get attention and remain in the public eye.

If Nugent continues to choose to offer his opinions on matter on which he may not be particularly well qualified, he should perhaps become more knowledgeable and thoughtful in his commentary. If not, he appears well on his way to becoming by and large a sad, repulsive figure.

It is quite disturbing to see what Nugent, always previously known as a “free spirit,” has now become.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry