Obama, Liberals Destroying Our Nation

Editor, News-Register:

Is it any wonder that the majority of our citizens have a negative opinion of our government and consequently the future of our country? With far too few exceptions, the news is full of negatives for our well being. Our anti-American/Constitutional president continually whines that the fault is everywhere but on his party and his administrative policies.

He blames his very low popularity on “racism.” Truth be told, like our economy, job picture, health care, security, foreign policy, and nearly anything else one can think of, he has set racism back by at least a generation. In his book “Dreams of My Father,” he claims to lean more toward his black heritage. No doubt because he can use it as a crutch.

Fact is, he used the race card to defeat Hillary Clinton in Iowa and then went on to become president. As a leader, he is a total disgrace to the office – no matter which race he favors. This man is either delusional enough, twisted, or has a chip on his shoulder against what this country stands for. He can’t be ignorant enough to not know that his policies haven’t worked anywhere they have been tried.

So what does this tell anyone with an IQ over 50 about his mindset? He is so arrogant in his dictatorial manner that there is no deterrent to his radical manner of doing as he wants. His manner of leadership is more in line with China or Russia, yet many people don’t have a clue as to what is happening to our freedoms and independent way of life. They will only wake up when they feel the pain as a result of his tyrannical policies.

His party (Democrats) continually cuts back on our military. Extreme cuts under the Clinton administration resulted in reserves being utilized over and over in Iraq and Afghanistan and people wonder why. Now we read that the Army could have 100,000 more soldiers slashed from it forces. All one needs to do is look at history to see that we are much more likely to get into conflicts with a weak defense system – December 7, 1941 being a prime example. Liberals continually claim otherwise, but facts don’t support them.

It has gotten to the place that even banana republic countries are thumbing their noses at us. The best defense is a good offense. History reflects this. Just like the class warfare that Mr. Obama and his liberal Democratic Party continually exhibit, much of the world feels the same way about America. It may be human nature to feel this way about those who have more than you, but that doesn’t make them right.

As a whole, liberals are those who continually leech off those who have more ambition, better work ethics, or in many cases, those who are simply more responsible. This is the Democratic Party in a nutshell. The state of West Virginia is a good example of people who have conservative, common sense values, to the point of leaving the Democrat Party and unions and voting their own minds. A Democrat president hasn’t carried the state of West Virginia lately. Even West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin would probably stand a good chance of being elected as a Republican. To his credit, Joe Manchin is one of the very few Democrats who has the backbone to speak out against his parties’ left wing radical socialist policies. Having been a lifelong registered Democrat and union person, I can no longer agree with their liberal, self-serving policies and mindset. I didn’t leave them, they left me.

I’m certainly not about to cut off my nose to spite my face to continue to vote for a party that is destroying everything this country stands for. The Democratic Party and unions used to stand for the working class, minorities, and lower class, but this is no longer the case. They are all being decimated under the Obama Administration and his liberal Democrats. Yet the mainstream media continues to provide cover for this vicious, self-centered bunch of bottom feeders.

This country can once again be the shining light for the world, but only if the silent conservative majority would speak out and vote for representatives who have the mindset and backbone to speak out and vote to get rid of at least one-third or more of government and the government red tape that is destroying us as a nation.

Roy E. Schnegg