Protecting America’s Last Remaining Bison

Editor, News-Register

The wild bison of the Yellowstone region are the last remaining wild bison left in America. Fewer than 4,000 wild bison exist today, and they are ecologically extinct throughout their native range of North America.

While these iconic species should be protected under the Endangered Species Act, they are not. They are under constant attack by the federal government and livestock interests in Montana. Even Yellowstone National Park – the agency that should be protecting them – fully participates in their harassment and slaughter.

I call on everyone who reads these words, everyone who cares about wildlife and wild lands and the untamed spirit of the wild American west to learn more and take action! Please look into the work of Buffalo Field Campaign, a Montana-based grassroots group working in defense of wild buffalo, and learn how you can help.

If everyone would take just one moment to contact your members of Congress and urge them to find habitat-based solutions for the wild buffalo of Yellowstone, stop funding their harassment and slaughter, and remove cattle from our public lands it will make a powerful difference for a powerful animal. The Yellowstone population is all that remains of the tens of millions that once spanned the continent, and they need our help to regain that ground and roam wild and free once again.

Barbie Scott

Valley Grove