Bishops Wrong On Immigration

Editor, News-Register:

On April 5, The Intelligencer featured an article in the Faith section on Catholic Bishops and immigration reform. As usual, the bishops insist immigration is a humanitarian concern that needs to be resolved by simply opening the borders and letting everyone in, including murderers and drug dealers. No doubt, the bishops really do care about the poor, but there are destitute people all over the world who would like to live in America. For that to happen, they must sign up and wait their turn.

As it is, right now, Mexicans who have crossed the border illegally, regardless of their situation, are lawbreakers. In order to remain unnoticed, they must lie and cheat, and then work for wages that are not reported or taxable. Subsequently, they qualify for housing and subsidized rent, food stamps, free health care (no deductible or co-pay), free breakfasts and lunches at school, help with energy bills, SSI, Medicare, and earned income credit. In addition, we have to pay the cost of housing those who end up in our prisons. These ill-gotten benefits ultimately cost American taxpayers billions of dollars each year. Billions, I might add that could help the poor, struggling American worker, who receives no aid from our government, to feed, clothe, and care for his family.

It’s no secret that our bishops are well aware of the lying, cheating, stealing, drug dealing, and killings that go hand in hand with those who enter this country illegally, yet they still continue to excuse and assist these people. This baffles me because according to Catholic teaching, and I quote from “An Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism,” page 296, “There are several ways of sharing in the sin of another; namely, by ordering or advising him to do wrong; by praising him for doing wrong and thus encouraging him; and by consenting to wrong when they should oppose it … again, by affording wrongdoers protection and means of escape from punishment for their evil deeds.” Need I say more? Shame on the bishops!

Undoubtedly, these men were taught, as I was, that Jesus wants us to reach out to the poor and suffering. But, I do not recall ever being told that Jesus said it’s okay to commit a sin, or help someone else to sin, in order to make something good happen. Anyway, they know and I know, regardless of what the church teaches on this matter, that “the end does not justify the means.”

It’s understandable that the bishops are motivated by pity, but they need to stop aiding and abetting criminals, and begin showing concern for law-abiding Americans who work hard, and who suffer physically, mentally, and financially because of the illegal immigration problem? If they honestly want to help indigent Mexicans, then they should go to Mexico and help them, and while they’re at it, take the 12 million illegal aliens with them. Meanwhile, let’s hope that law and order will be restored at our borders, and ultimately allow only those who qualify to legally enter the United States.

Marcella Conti