Blocking Democrats From Voting

Editor, News-Register:

Well, it’s election time. Again. How many Democrats will be blocked from voting? How many Democrats will be discouraged? How many millions and millions will the Republicans spend to brainwash us?

After the election in the courts, things may be corrected but too late, the Republicans have already stolen the elections. Then we’ll have tax cuts for the Republicans … cut unenployment benefits for the “lazy” people who can’t find work, cut pre-school for the poverty kids. Maybe another war or two, just for fun. The future is not bright. I feel sorry for the people who are trying to climb out of the Bush Recession – with no help from Republicans. Remember who put the noose around your neck.

The Republicans will block Democrats from voting. Then after the elections, they’ll say “Oops, but we won!” and they’ll promise to do better next time. Do we believe that???

If we elect Republicans, things will get better for the Republicans and worse for the Democrats in a lot of sneaky ways. If we elect Democrats, things will get a little worse for the wealthy and a little better for the middle class. I’m not wealthy, so the Republicans ads will try to push me toward the Republicans, but I can’t vote against myself, so I’ll have to vote Democrat – if I’m allowed to vote.

The Republicans are spending millions and millions to make Democrats see it their way and vote Republican.

Eight years of worse conditions for the Democrats. Not a fun idea.

Roger L. Tschappatt