Clean Cinders Off Sidewalks

Editor, News-Register:

I travel a route that has me passing Bridge Street School a number of times during the day. Over the winter months I noted, as in past years, that the WVDOH has failed to clear the sidewalk on their side of Route 88 of snow and ice. This was also true of the Ohio County Board of Education on their side of Route 88. I’m sure there are other property owners that fail to comply with the city ordinances that require sidewalks be cleared of snow/ice and maintained in a manner to ensure the safe passage of pedestrian traffic.

It’s disturbing to see children struggling through the snow and ice on their way to and from school.

That brings me to the current state of the sidewalks immediately adjacent to Route 88 – they are covered with cinders that were spread on the highway during the snow events and no one has taken the initiative to sweep them up. What an unsightly mess and also a traveling hazard to pedestrians.

I know the city councilman representing this ward, and the city engineer, travel this route on a daily basis and must be aware of the conditions noted above. You would think that something would be done without the need for a formal complaint or a letter to the editor. There’s always next year!

Hope springs eternal!

P. Jacobs