Fire Siren Is Questioned

Editor, News-Register:

This is written an as open letter to the mayor of West Liberty. Why would you build a school lunch room in the middle of a target range? Why would you increase the speed limit to 70 mph when school is letting out? Why would you hook the population’s water supply to a radioactive cooling chamber? Enough stupid questions, you say. OK, why are you building a park for all to enjoy and do so under a high output, air raid siren?

I wondered this myself and I spoke to the fire chief of West Liberty. His response was, “Why do people die?” I again ask, why would you subject infants and small children to the fire siren? He reasoned we are subjected to loud noises that are not necessary all over the world all the time, and this one would not matter.

OK. I suffer from horrid migraines to the tune of five to seven a month, and this siren does matter. The number of my migraines has dropped since the siren went silent over a year ago. I suggested the fire chief turn off the siren at night. When asked how many people have suffered as a result of the siren being out of order, he stated none. I must ask, why do we need to put the populace in a situation that by the fire chief’s own admission has no impact on the service rendered, and where another loud noise is created uselessly?

Bruce Sykes

West Liberty