Government to Blame

Editor, News-Register:

Does anyone ever wonder why the price of goods keeps going up and up and up? Why $100 only buys half a basket of groceries? If you think about it and figure it out then you will know what’s wrong with our economy.

Here is my take, if you care, and I’m sure most of you don’t:?Minimum wage raises only increase the cost of everything. Companies always need to make a profit so as to keep investors happy, so the prices go up – a nickel candy bar is now almost a dollar, and is smaller. Taxes! Companies do not pay taxes, they pass along the cost of high taxes to the consumer. It adds to the price. Have you seen all the commercials asking if you have been hurt with anything? It’s a constant barrage on TV that you can sue and get monetary rewards? Even if you don’t deserve ’em. Psst: It’s the attorneys that get rich and companies pass the price on to consumers with higher prices.

And then there are needless, redundant government regulations that cause businesses to hire extra help to fill out all the forms and the paperwork that Washington requires, and that expense is added into the price of their goods or services.

When I grew up, the threshold of poverty was close to $6,000. Now it’s almost $30,000. Why is the cost of everything going up? If you ever figure that out, then you’ll know what is wrong with our government. Oh, and by the way, we used to be able to exist on just one household salary, like my parents did. Now both parents have to work to pay all the extra costs and taxes that the higher prices have caused, and having both parents have to work creates a whole lot of other problems. My mother was always home for me when I needed her. It’s not that way anymore.

Our government has changed our lives, and it’s worse.

Tom Standiford

New Martinsville