Remembering God’s Part in Government

Editor, News-Register:

As our election is rapidly approaching us, I know many things are in the back of your minds. Most of us are very frustrated over the many changes we have had in the past several years, not to mention the lies we have been told, and the many secrets that have been kept from us. I urge all of you to think about the direction we are going and what we can do to put America on track again. If you are sincere about the love you have for your country, then it should not matter if you are Democrat, Republican or Independent.

We should put our country back into God’s hands. I urge you to pray about this.

God’s law is moral. God has an opinion on everything. We are “One Nation under God.” Moral opinion through the government is the law. Abortion, same sex marriage, taxation without representation and poverty, are not right or just in God’s eyes.

No matter what people try to push on you, if Christianity is not in the formula, the government is wrong. Eighty-five percent of the people who founded this great country of ours are men of faith, who had moral and religious values and constitutional heritage. We believe in those values on which this nation was built.

How do we preserve our freedom? Why do we call the last century the greatest century in the history of the world? In 1945, we were the first to have the bomb. We used it to save the world, save millions of lives, but then we rebuilt the countries we destroyed. We were saved from communism and from desolation. We believe we have a different idea, one where freedom comes from God, and we see the power to secure the freedom God gave us.

The Declaration of Independence is the frame around our way of life. We have a duty to preserve that frame for the next generation. Fifty-six men came together in a room and prayed about this great document, praying for three hours. If the founders did not want prayer in schools, graduations and other outings, why didn’t they take it out then?

Your perception in policy determines how our government is going to turn out. If our founding fathers did not want freedom in their policy, they would have left it home. We are talking about saving the frame of our American way of life. Eighty-five percent of the missionaries from around the world came from this country. If we lose that frame, we are going to lose the frame of America’s way of life, our freedom.

Students are taught to take God out of the equation. However, President Garfield was a pastor. Rev John Witherspoon in Congress, as well as 29 of the 56 signers held seminary degrees. He is responsible for two American translations of the Bible. Thompson created the Thompson Bible. He spent 25 years of his life translating the Greek statutory into English. Benjamin Rush started the first Bible Society, known as the Philadelphia Society. He started the first abolition society, whose membership also included Benjamin Franklin. Today, should life be an issue left up to the states? Rush spent 40 years of his life trying to end slavery. The hero at Bunker Hill was Peter Salem. At the opening of Congress in 1774, a meeting started with prayer. Samuel Adams stood up and said “I’m no bigot; I can stand up and pray with any man.” They studied Psalm 35.

About 250 men were considered to be the founders. About 10 or 12 were not Christians, but they were not atheist or agnostic either. Benjamin Franklin was 81 years old, when the life span at that time was 35. In June 28, 1887, he said in the beginning of the contest with Great Britain when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayer in this room for Divine Protection. He was one of six men to sign both the Declaration and the Constitution. What happened to us? We let a few atheists take prayer out of schools and graduation ceremonies, remove crosses from public buildings, and nativities from courthouse lawns, and denounce God at the rebuilding at Ground Zero.

When we come to the polls, we must address the issues with our votes to remove candidates that would attack our freedoms. We must look at people who are trying to do what is right for our country. We were promised transparency in our government, which has been far from the truth with Obamacare, where people losing their health care or having to pay higher premiums, higher taxes, and about $17 trillion deficit.

The IRS is attacking conservative groups, and the EPA’s over regulating hurting our coal miners and crippling our economy. The government is covering up Benghazi, and attacking our 2nd Amendment rights. We must not cut our defense. We must remain vigilant to protect our nation. We should ban abortions, and oppose having to pay for contraceptives, abortions, etc., that are against the beliefs of the church or religious organization. Defense of churches against same sex marriages referring to God’s word that marriage is between one man and one woman.

We need to restore our moral values and defend America’s interest around the world. Protect America from being sold out to the United Nations and lose our sovereignty. We must take action to stop the authoritative abuse to our Constitution by executive orders and those trying to change our government into a socialistic nation to promote a national army. We must look toward candidates who keep our taxes low with tax reform, balance our budget, and stop illegal immigration at the borders. Achieving energy independence in our nation, cutting government waste, protecting Social Security and Medicare and creating jobs should be our goals. Vote for the candidate that believes in America and will work to restore it. We must create incentives to bring jobs back to America.

John R. Kubancik