Stop Making Excuses on Roads

Editor, News-Register:

I have seen a couple of stories about the roads here in Marshall County and wanted to make a couple comments to the response by Department of Transportation officials. We have been asking for assistance to fix the roads in Marshall County now for several years and keep getting the same reply from everyone at the DOT:?”It is going to take time and be patient.” I am beginning to think that is the only words the Division of Highways knows.

It would be nice to start seeing some action being done. We can’t even get simple things done and the DOT keeps falling farther and farther behind each year.

Several citizens, the sheriff of Marshall County, Kevin Cecil, and myself have had several meeting with officials from Charleston and locally. The one was with Mr. Mattox. That has been almost two years ago. We have seen no improvements and the residents of Marshall County are tired of hearing it is going to take time.

Myself and several residents have stressed to several people at the DOT that if someone gets killed because of the road conditions we will help that person pursue legal action because of the negligence on the DOT’s part.

I understand that people are leaving and it takes time to fill their positions. Your business is not the only one seeing this happen. We don’t have anyone at the DOT smart enough to figure out how to overcome this issue? Also, I have heard from several workers they don’t have enough material to even do a day’s worth of work, so if this is the case then the excuse of not having enough workers to get projects done is not true. I think the DOT has several problems and the management in Charleston and probably a few here locally is a big problem. I just came back from a trip and traveled several back roads in West Virginia and I haven’t seen any of the problems like we have here in Marshall County.

Do we still have one person in charge of the oil and gas industry here in District 6? Where does the permit money go? Does the permit money go directly back to the counties Charleston is issuing the permits for?

I just wanted to let you know the citizens of Marshall County are not going away because the lack of maintenance on all roads, gravel and blacktopped, in Marshall County are so poor that it affects our daily lives. It is time for someone at the DOT to fix the problems instead of making excuses.

Amanda White-Toland

Glen Easton