Democrats Not Helping Us in the Ohio Valley

Editor, News-Register:

With regard to your front page story in the Friday, May 30, edition, I can assure you that nobody in the U.S. coal industry, particularly in the Ohio Valley, is sharing in the “economic success” of the Obama administration’s eco-policy.

The current administration seeks to destroy our industry and our jobs by making an end-run around the law of the land. Before any policy is put into place by the Obama administration’s radical EPA appointees, they are to consider the job loss and economic impact. Your May 30 article is proof-positive that they’ve done no such thing.

The policies imposed by the Obama administration are similar to throwing a cube of sugar into the Ohio River and claiming you’ve sweetened it. These regulations have little or no environmental impact, yet kill an entire industry in the process.

The war on coal is real. It does exist. The evidence is overwhelming.

Patrick Dubiel