Fix Potholes, Don’t Paint Lines

Editor, News-Register:

Does anyone know West Virginia’s answer to the pothole problem? Paint new yellow lines down the middle of the road!

I am guessing they did this so we could stay on our own side of the road and hit the potholes on one side only. This would save wear and tear on your car by only hitting some of the them.

I’m writing about Boggs Run Road. This road has seen more than its share of oversized trucks. Some of these trucks are wider than the lanes. It took two trucks and who knows how many workers to make this improvement to Boggs Run Road. If you haven’t been on this road recently, you could be in for a rough ride. There are several potholes that reach down to the old brick road. One pothole extends from one side of the road to the other (ditch-like). There is another that extends across Marshall County Road No. 1 at the bridge that crosses the creek. The good news is you will know which side of the road to drive on.

Is this our highway department and tax dollars at work?? Just fix the potholes before someone blows a tire or gets run off the road trying to miss the potholes. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

Sylvia Hoffman